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What is the ZRL Club?

ZRL Club is Zuriell’s *exclusive” rewards program that gives you the opportunity to cash in free products or discounts on your next order for you and your friends.

Read on for more details or see our Terms of Use for complete program details!

How do I earn ZRL?

By joining the ZRL Club you earn ZRL when you buy eligible products, take various actions on the site and refer family or friends.

  • You do not earn ZRL for taxes and shipping.
  • ZRL is calculated after discounts have been applied.
  • When products are returned for a refund, ZRL will be deducted from your account for the amount returned, excluding taxes and shipping.
What items are eligible to earn ZRL?

Eligible items are regular priced items purchased directly by you from our website.

Eligible products do not include:

  • promotions (discounts, gifts, holiday sales, etc.).
  • gift cards
Do ZRLs have an expiration date?

Just keep in mind that ZRL will automatically expire 12 months from the date they were earned. It is your responsibility to monitor your account. Please note that redeeming ZRL does not qualify as a “purchase”.

Can I earn ZRLs without buying anything?

Yes! We offer lots of different opportunities to earn ZRL (Yey!)

The conversion rate is 1 ZRL = 5 lei

Here are some different ways you can earn them:

  • Creating an account = 1 ZRL
  • Birthday bonus = 2 ZRL
  • Product review = 1 ZRL (only one per product)
Can I transfer my ZRLs or send them to a friend/family member?

Unfortunately, the ZRL Club program does not currently offer this option. All the points you earn are yours alone, so enjoy! 🙂

Can I turn ZRL into cash?

The good news is that you can! For every 100 ZRL (500 lei) collected, you can choose the cash out option (you need a PayPal account for this).

For example: if you invite 25 friends who place an order of at least 160 lei on our website www.zuriell.ro/en, you have already collected the minimum cash out amount. Enjoy the rewards with your friends!